Innrech Smart Build The smarter way of organizing, controlling and managing construction sites.

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Contractors Handover, Sequence Control, Progress Tracking, Accessible Drawings...

Effective Sequence Control Elevates Productivity

ISB enables a seamless sequencial control mechanism that allows handover processes between sub-contractors and principal contractor. This ensures accurate execution of task in contstruction sites prior to handovers.

Generate Project Momentum and Adequately Track Progress

Adequate Progress Tracking answers the usual "Where are We?" questions. ISB offers a clear and easy to understand report of the progress made on tasks. As a result, this effectively generates powerful momentum on the entire project.

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Search Drawings

An elegant search utility which allows contractors to instanteneously search for drawings, handovers etc.

Snag Sheet

It has never been any easier to snag completed tasks and have them synchronized to the system within minutes.

Site Diary

This is an efficient, easy to use means of keeping clear records of daily activities of all that transpired on site.

Tasks Handover

The ISB task handover functionality helps to bridge the communication gap in the construction industry.

ISB Exists In The Following Different Versions


Sub Contractors

  • Handover Task To PC
  • Quality Checks
  • Access Drawings
  • View Handover Reports
  • Task Notifications

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Principal Contractors

  • Commencement Notice
  • Track Progress
  • Control Sequence
  • Snag Completed Tasks
  • View Task Durations

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Clients & StakeHolders

  • View Project Status
  • Realtime Reports
  • Track Delays Causes
  • View Task Reports
  • Verify Progress

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Success story tells it all

Cleints Feedback
Andy Brian

ISB is an Elegant Solution with Amazing User Experience.

The flexibility introduced by ISB is so overwhelming to the point that I can no longer imaging starting any contract without utilizing the elegant features of ISB on daily basis.

Cleints Feedback
Jack Wilson

ISB search function makes my work a lot easier

I never knew that searching and fetching of drawings can be this easy and straightforward. This helps me to search for virtually any data and get results instanteneously.

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