About Innrech Smart Build (ISB)

Lack of effective communication is by far the most challenging issue faced in the construction industry.

This leads to low momentum, slowed progress,  uncontrollable sequence of work, delayed delivery dates, inability to track progress, frustrations amongst contractors and many more.  Well... This is EXACTLY where Innrech Smart Build comes to rescue. An elegant, easy to use construction software; suitable for Sub-Contractors, Principal Contractors and Clients.   Providing a clear bigger picture that answer the questions of Who does what? and Where are we?

ISB Introduces The Following Solution

i.) ISB enables automated issuance of task commencement notice by principal contractor and handover of completed tasks by sub-contractor.
ii.) Ability to track tasks and project progress just by click of a button.
iii.) An easier way of searching for construction drawings.
iv.) Snagging and Quality Checks on completed tasks.
v.) Ability to Control Sequence and View Realtime Reports. 
And many more!!!
Contact us for a FREE no obligation Demo and experience how ISB is bringing control and confidence back into the hands of the contractors and clients.

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